Films on Demand linking and embedding instructions

Image showing the location of the Record URL under Embed/LinkDo you wish to link to a Films on Demand video?

In Films on Demand, navigate to the video you wish to share.

  1. Click on Embed/Link (below the video).
  2. Copy and paste the Record URL into your document.

Note: Films on Demand's advanced options allow you to create film clips and playlists.

Do you wish to embed a video in Moodle?

You can embed a Films on Demand video in any activity or resource within a course that includes a box with the ‚ÄčMedia button 

  1. Click on the Media button in the toolbar. 
    image shows location of Add Media icon
  2. Click on Find or Upload for more options
    Image shows where to click to access Films on Demand video
  3. Choose Films on Demand from the list of options.
    Image showing location of Films on Demand option
  4. Search for the video you wish to insert in Moodle.
    Image shows Film on Demand search in Moodle
  5. Use the embed button to insert the selected video into Moodle. You may also preview the video in the search results, or refine your search.
    Location of Embed button next to video in search results
  6. Click the Insert button Media to insert this content into the Moodle editor.
    Confirm insertion of video
  7. In editing mode, the video will appear as a link. Click the Save and Display button to view the video.
    Click Save and Display

Do you wish to show a video to your class in Blackboard Collaborate?

Paste the URL above into your Blackboard Collaborate chat. Your students can access the film outside of Blackboard Collaborate.

Do not use the Blackboard Collaborate application sharing tool to show movies.:

  • The Blackboard Collaborate application sharing was never intended for movies. There will be lags, delays, and slowness, leading to a terrible viewing experience.
  • Blackboard Collaborate class sessions are set to automatically record for repeated viewing. This type of recording is a violation of the video's copyright.

We do not recommend the Web Tour tool for the Mount's licensed streaming videos. Our tests have indicated discrepancies with how it displays the movies in different browsers and browser versions.