Video linking instructions

  • Navigate to the video you wish to view. Copy the article's URL from the address bar. 
  • If your current URL contains in its address, then you do not need to build a new link. Your URL should work as is.
  • If your URL does not contain in its address, then follow these steps:

1. Copy and paste your URL here:

2. Then click:

3. Copy the resulting link from the blue box (below) into your documents.

Are you an instructor wishing to show this film to your class in Blackboard Collaborate?

Paste the URL in step 3 above to your Blackboard Collaborate chat. Your students can access the film outside of Blackboard Collaborate.

Do not use the Blackboard Collaborate application sharing tool to show movies.:

  • The Blackboard Collaborate application sharing was never intended for movies. There will be lags, delays and slowness, leading to a terrible viewing experience.
  • Blackboard Collaborate class sessions are set to automatically record for repeated viewing. This type of recording is a violation of the video's copyright.

We do not recommend the Web Tour tool for the Mount's licensed streaming videos. Our tests have indicated discrepancies with how it displays the movies in different browsers and browser versions.